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Alexander Technique for Musicians

Sat 27th Jul to Sat 3rd Aug
Week 1

Contemporary Alexander Technique for Musicians
Jonathon Heather

There will be a daily, hour long group session. While this is designed as a complete course, people are also welcome to join for individual session throughout the week.

Content will cover

  1. Coming to our senses. A narrow focus can lead to tension and fatigue. How to ‘zoom out’ for greater ease.
  2. Sitting comfortably. A fresh perspective on stability and support.
  3. Body mapping. if (below the radar) your inner GPS is wonky this may help get you back on track
  4. Wings and Tails… yes we have them! and how we ‘wear’ them has a huge impact on our poise, freedom and sound.
  5. The breath, domes and diaphragms; what interferes. A very special smile!
  6. Presence and gratitude. Awareness of the spine. Ways to inhabit, deeply connect with others and do justice to the music we so love.

“Cutting you open with music

Reaching into your hearts……

And Hafiz will spin you into love ”

The material here is based on Living in a BodyTM devised by Robyn Avalon

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Session 4: 4 - 5pm
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Jonathon Heather
Jonathon Heather
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