Jonathon Heather

Jonathon has for the last 30+ years been assisting musicians, music educators and performers, physically and artistically on an international stage. He has been a visiting coach for string players at the prestigious Meadowmount Summer School in upstate New York and a regular presence in master classes with Dame Emma Kirkby and other tutors at Dartington International Summer School.

Originally with a background in physiotherapy, he currently has a private Alexander Technique practice, bringing a lively awareness and synergy to mind-body, inner and outer landscapes.

Workshops offer “Living in a BodyTM” principles….. a unique set of body mapping materials, with a fresh, fun and immensely practical approach to moving and performing with confidence, poise and ease. Enlightened surprise and joy are a given, when seemingly small pieces of information can produce such radical effects.

Jonathon studies actively alongside global mentors and respected musicians. A life-long pianist, in 2011 he took off on a bicycle for a year, playing Beethoven’s last 3 piano sonatas from Denmark to the southernmost tip of Greece, wherever pianos showed up. The shared inner and outer journey reflected Beethoven’s deep love of humanity. It is this love of people that motivates his groups and one to one sessions. Outside work he bivvis on the moor, practices for intimate piano or Nyckelharpa concerts, (while incinerating meals from the music room), rides a bike, paints and enjoys his grandchildren.


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