Judith Van Driel

Violin Course

Sat 3rd Aug to Sat 10th Aug
Week 2

Join Judith van Driel for a course exploring the violin.

Judith is a member of the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam, a creative and versatile string quartet known for its inventive and daring programmes that forge and explore new pathways and connections in music, in a repertoire that ranges from Ligeti, Shostakovich and Weinberg to Mendelssohn, Mozart and Beethoven.

She studied the violin Amsterdam with Kees Koelmans and Peter Brunt, and in Vienna with Günter Pichler of the Alban Berg Quartett. Being concertmaster in the Ricciotti Ensemble offered her the chance to bring live music everywhere and for everyone, and she experienced how live music can touch people. This always remained her biggest motivation for being a musician.

In the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam she plays the violin. Her role in the Dudok Quartet Amsterdam is that of first violinist. She also persues her other hobby: telling stories about the music during concerts, and writing texts for the quartet. Since 2021, Judith is a teacher at the Sweelinck Academie for young talent at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Judith plays a violin built by Francesco Goffriller in 1725, on generous loan from the Dutch Musical Instrument Foundation (NMF).


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Session 2: 11am - 12.30pm
Week 2

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Judith van Driel
Judith van Driel
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