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Revelry and Refinement – Medieval Woodwinds and Wires

Sat 27th Jul to Sat 3rd Aug
Week 1

Revelry and Refinement
Medieval Woodwinds and Wires

Join Emily Baines and Arngeir Hauksson for medieval wind music course that delves into consort music, instrumental dances, and improvisation techniques. Led by Emily’s expertise in historical performance and accompanied Arngeir’s mastery of period plucked strings/percussion, this course offers a practical exploration of medieval wind instruments and the repertoire they may have played.

Participants will dissect consort music structures, study instrumental dances prevalent during the medieval period, and even devote time to honing improvisation skills. Through hands-on sessions and discussions, gain insights into the distinctive characteristics of medieval wind instruments and their historical significance.

This a practical course for intermediate and above players on recorders, shawms, bagpipes, etc under the guidance of experienced instructors. Pitch will generally be A=440 although other pitches may be accommodated by prior agreement.

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Session 4: 4 - 5pm
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