The Brook Street Band, Image Credit: Dan Bridge

As Steals the Morn Upon the Night

Sun 28th Jul 2024, 7:30pm

The Brook Street Band

Rachel Harris – violin
Tatty Theo – cello
Carolyn Gibley – harpsichord

As Steals the Morn Upon the Night


Tarquinio Merula – Ciaccona in C major op. 12 no. 20
Heinrich Biber – Ciacona in C major from “Der Nachtwächer”
Georg Telemann – Modéré from Paris Quartet No. 12 in E minor TWV:43e4
Michel de Montéclair – Sommeil from Sérénade Ou Concert
JS Bach – Trio Sonata in C minor BWV 526 Vivace; Largo; Allegro
Nitin Sawhney – “Early Transitions”
Early Transitions was commissioned by the London International Festival of Early Music in 2022, kindly supported by nkoda
GF Handel – Larghetto; Allegro; [from Organ Concerto in F Major HWV 296 ‘The Cuckoo and the Nightingale’]; Adagio; Allegro; Minuet [from Trio Sonata in F major op. 5 no. 6 HWV 401]
François Couperin – Le Réveil-Matin (The Alarm Clock)
Tarquinio Merula – Ciaccona in C major op. 12 no. 20

We invite you to suspend reality for an hour, and travel with us through the night, a place of wonder and creativity where different worlds, centuries and musical influences collide. Central to this night is Nitin Sawhney’s “Early Transitions” which in Nitin’s own words explores “connections between Eastern and Western classical ideas with particular reference to my love of Baroque music, Indian classical raga and mathematical interactions through the taal system, phrasing and diatonic expansion”. A real chance to dream

 As we guide you through the night, consider the words of poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy., writing in 1873: “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams…”

Safe travels.

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28 Jul 2024


Brook Street Band
Brook Street Band
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