Rolf Hind 2

Rolf Hind – piano

Wed 31st Jul 2024, 9:30pm

Rolf Hind – piano

Rolf Hind – Bhutani – Etudes on the names of animals in Sanskrit
No.6 Avatara – he who descends
No.7 Bhujanganam – “winding-going” – a snake
No.8 Khaga – “sky-gone” – a bird

Maurice Ravel – Noctuelles; Oiseaux Tristes (from Miroirs)
Olivier Messiaen – Le Loriot from Catalogue d’Oiseaux
Claude Debussy – Prelude: La Terrasse des Audiences au clair de Lune.
Judith Weir – The Art of Touching the Keyboard
Charles Koechlin – La Caravane; l’escalade obscure from Les Heures Persanes
Unsuk Chin – In C; Sequenzen; Grains, from Etudes

A recital exploring how composers have responded to the influences of birds and animals in music. Some composers have tried to emulate the calls of birds and animals in their music; some have been inspired to create music of beauty, fear, peace, or balance through their study of the natural world. Some have used the sound world of birdsong to create their own musical language. Composer and pianist Rolf Hind explores these varied approaches, and includes his own response through movements from his Etude collection based on the Sanskrit names of animals.

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Rolf Hind
Rolf Hind
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